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For those of you wishing to lead without losing neither your sanity nor your humanity...

Are you willing to do the difficult work of developing
your “self?”

Being a leader is difficult. It is a role that fundamentally challenges our sanity and identity. This is especially so for those of us making an effort to lead without losing our humanity.

The fact of the matter is, the more we care about people, the more vulnerable we are to feeling frustrated and stuck, maybe even drained by and resentful of them. This makes leading with humanity difficult.

Leading is not merely a matter of following a method, a process, or a set of best practices. It is also a matter of continuously navigating the complex and ambiguous challenges of making difficult decisions and managing our interpersonal interactions.

Making difficiult decisions and managing our interpersonal interactions require not only an acquisition of skills and techniques, but also the continuous practice of realizing empathy with ourselves through reflection.

Yet, we rarely make time to pause and reflect.

When we do, we often confuse reflection with rumination, letting our minds race and overwhelm us with anxiety.

Anxiety makes it difficult for us to decide, communicate, or converse clearly and effectively, which effects those around us to feel too confused and insecure to provide effective support.

We are often blissfully unaware or in denial of this reality.

Without the effective support of those around us, we start feeling isolated and overwhelmed, which leads us to even greater anxiety, thus creating a vicious cycle. This makes the already difficult job of being a leader even more difficult.

I invite you to a dedicated time and space, where I will help you confidentially and reflectively work on important yet complex and ambiguous issues. Issues you typically have neither the time nor the space with which to work. Confronting these issues will not only help you gain greater insight and awareness into yourself, your organization, and the unintended impact of your behaviors on others, but also reduce your overwhelm and burden while increasing your clarity and confidence.

I want you to know that it is common for leaders to feel...

  1. Overwhelmed by the complexity & uncertainty of the path to success, especially if you’re passionate & visionary.
  2. Responsible not only for the level of your team’s performance & standards, but also their happiness, especially if you feel concerned about them.
  3. Unsure how to manage your team’s conflicting values and viewpoints, especially if you believe in the creative potential of diversity & collaboration.

If the stakes are sufficiently high, these feelings translate to a level of pressure that is not only heavy and daunting, but potentially crippling and isolating. This is especially so if you’re faced with the additional task of balancing your duties as a father, mother, husband, or wife.

It may be inevitable to feel lonley as a leader. But it does not have to be isolating. Through the practice of realizing empathy with yourself and others, you can learn to build a relationship of mutual trust and respect not only with your team, but also with your so-called “self.”

There are mindsets, skills, and perspectives you can learn to more effectively navigate this journey. Should you choose to learn them on your own, I salute you. Should you choose to let me accompany, I promise to bring my whole being to help you learn them. The choice is yours.