Thank you for your courage in seeking the support of a coach.

May I ask you a few questions?

I promise to keep everything you say in strict confidentiality.

(i.e. Mr. Kim, Jin, Bob, Issa, Ms. Hayashi, ...)

Hello, !

A coach is your thinking partner, sounding board, and confidant who supports you through reflective conversations. These conversations can happen regularly (usually every one or two weeks on Zoom) or as needed (on the phone or on Telegram in case of emergency).

When we meet, the two of us explore what is on your mind or work to resolve your most pressing leadership concern. At the end of the conversation you will feel crystal clear on exactly what you have to do next to make progress, relieved and energized to know that you know what to do, and ever-so confident that you can do it.


How much revenue is generating each year?

How much investment has raised so far?

Please enter a number. (Excluding you and your Co-Founders.)

What concerns, if any, do you have about the full-time employees and at ?

After 1 year of our coaching engagement, what are the most important results you would like to see with yourself and your organization?

I ask, because different people value different experiences or outcomes.

So I’m curious to learn about the variety of things people value.

Roughly speaking, what is the financial reward or value for your company if the above result were to manifest?

I ask, because I’m curious how you gauge value.

Thank you for these answers.

I appreciate you taking the time.

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